What is Workplace Counselling?

What is the basis of Workplace Counselling?

In short, everyone who works in an organisation is a potential client:

* Online Chat Counselling
* Face to Face counselling (on-site or off-site)
* Individual or Groups (depending on the problem)

What types of Workplace Counselling are offered here?

Trauma Counselling

It is wise to deal with emotional traumas and mental illnesses in a professional way

A holistic approach ensures wellness on all levels

This model of counselling includes a body-mind-emotional and soul integration

~Stress less, achieve more ~

Employee assistance programs

Assisting employees to cope with mental and emotional stresses

Not everyone is able to cope with stressful situations on their own

This program ensures a return to a harmonious “whole” of the “self”

~ Assertiveness creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding ~

Conflict resolution and mediating counselling

An independent party can easily restore difficult situations or relationships

It is possible to resolve workplace conflict before it gets out of hand

Conflict reduces the productivity of staff on all levels

~ Inner resourcefulness creates peaceful inner-states of well-being ~

Career Counselling and Talent Exploration

Why am I here and why do I sometimes feel like I do not fit in?

What makes me tick, and where should I be going?

A self discovery and enhancement process, including a journey of talent exploration.

~ discover your inner bliss ~

Dissipation Counselling

Resolve mental/emotional exhaustion or fatigue

Workplace pressure can be detrimental to the overall heath of an employee

Ensure a return to a mental and emotional states of balance for optimized awareness

~ Work smarter – not harder ~

~ Float with life ~

~ All things unfold naturally as the love for joy increases ~