Elevate your workforce for optimum performance

Workplace counseling services can play a powerful role in creating a healthy work environment

A 2012 study that looked at the outcome of over 28,000 clients who participated in counseling through their workplace, showed that 70% experienced improvement, after their counseling services

Employer benefits

  • Increase profits – due to better human resource management
  • Increase human capital investments
  • Improve employee performance, leading to productivity gains
  • Decrease employee absenteeism
  • Lower staff turnover rates among employees
  • It is a productive way to handle sensitive situations or problematic behaviors
  • Establish a reputation as an employer that cares about staff
  • Increase awareness and may reduce workplace accidents
  • Reduce stress and enhances performance
  • Increase motivation and inspiration
  • Employees are more mindful and can contribute more to the overall success of the company
  • When staff perceives that they are treated fairly, they tend to be more loyal and deeper moral values are materialized /
  • Increase the sense of purpose and an understanding of the meaning of work
  • Discovering talents and developing careers contributes to the meaningfulness of life
  • Counselling allows people to thrive beyond their current limitations
  • A harmonious working environment improves the synergistic energy of the whole company

Employee benefits

  • Easy access to a trained counsellor
  • A safe space to talk about their problems
  • Establishing or improving coping skills
  • Developing effective solutions to problems
  • Learning to look at issues with a more positive outlook and different perspective
  • Assistance for employees to better understand themselves
  • Helps employees to cope with stressful situations
  • Accelerates the rehabilitation of an absent employee
  • Provides assistance for employees in decision making
  • Counselling allows employees to thrive beyond their current limitations

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