Recruitment & Placement

Jobs are posted on various portals LinkedIn and Indeed

Employers please use the contact page

Payroll Services

Payroll compliance audits

Payroll system implementation

Staff training

Full or part payroll preparations

Work descriptions, documentation, Job Grading, Policies and Procedure Development, Implementation and Documentation

Financial Services Consulting

Financial compliance audits

Due diligence studies

Financial system implementations

Staff Training

Preparation of financial records up to trail balance

Preparation of monthly financial statements

System audits, process flow design and work description documentation

Business Website design and customization

Need a website to grow and map your business

Flexible development and maintenance contracts available

All final designs include a full spectrum documented manual

Property transfers

Perparing and drafting of transfer documents and related services

Lodgement of Deeds at Deeds Office

Registrations of Deeds

Delivering of Deeds

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